During the four days that will comprise uLead 2018 delegates will enjoy many stimulating discussions, concurrent sessions, and keynote presentations. 

We will add details each week as new presenters are added to our lineup.  Visit this page often for updates.  uLead 2018 promises to be a transformational event for those attending.


uLead 2018 - The Summit of Educational Leadership

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Learning Strategist

Simon is a dynamic, evidence-informed and deeply practical speaker. He has spoken to audiences across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Sweden, Finland and Israel. His engaging presentations combine his unique insights into global trends in education, the science of learning and change leadership. Simon works with governments, senior leaders, technologists and front-line practitioners across all levels of education.


Tony Mackay

Kristie O’Neill is an avid learner who believes high impact leadership practices can transform teacher pedagogy and create optimum environments for every student to achieve progress. Over the past 14 years, Kristie has had experience as a classroom teacher, Assistant Principal and curriculum mentor in Mathematics. She is currently in her 3rd year as an Instructional Leader at Cabramatta Public School in New South Wales, Australia.


Kristie O’Neill

Anthony Mackay AM, is CEO of the Centre for Strategic Education. He is Chair of the AustralianCouncil for Educational Research, Deputy Chancellor Swinburne University, Melbourne, Chair of the International Advisory Board for the National Institute for School Leadership, Washington DC, and Deputy Chair of New Zealand’s Education Council. He is an expert consultant to OECD and UNESCO, Consultant Advisor to Asia Society’s Global Cities Education Network, Co-Chair Global Education Leaders Partnership, Board Director of the Innovation Unit UK, International Advisor to Learning Forward (USA), Advisory Board Member New York Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (UK), Board Director of the Foundation for Young Australians & Teach For Australia and Senior Fellow, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne. Anthony is moderator of the annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession, the Global Education Industry Summit and debates at the World Innovation Summit for Education. He was Inaugural Chair of the Australian Institute forTeaching and School Leadership and the Inaugural Deputy Chair of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.

Simon Breakspear

Rukshana is the co-found of ProtoHack, her vision is to help educators reimagine the experience of education. She received her BA in psychology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a research assistant in Dr. Watson’s behavioural neuro-endocrinology lab and specialized in human behaviour and interaction. She strongly believes that education is highly effective when taught with an applied, immersive and interactive methodology. She believes that ProtoHack will be the modern day science fair and empower students around the globe to innovate their futures. One idea at a time.


Rukshana Hassanali

Anne Hales is a Senior Researcher with the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to working as a K-12 public school and university instructor, she is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, whose research focuses on teacher mentorship.


Anne Hales

Jeff Johnson is an Executive Staff Officer - Professional Development at the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Jeff is a member of the Apple Distinguished Educators Board - the Americas and is an education innovator and dynamic speaker.  He holds a steadfast focus on helping school leaders to grow and develop dynamic ecosystems for innovation and student engagement within schools. Jeff’s presentations help school and district leaders develop highly effective strategies to reimagine learning for this century and to feel comfortable taking risks to bring out the best in the teachers in their schools.


Jeff Johnson

Nancy Steinhauer is an educational leader with over twenty years of experience ranging from Canada's top private schools to divers, inner-city public schools. As principal of George Webster Elementary School, she was one of the first principals to be part of the Model Schools for Inner Cities program in the Toronto District School Board. In 2012, she was the recipient of the Canada's Outstanding Principal Award by The Learning Partnership and the Stand Up for Kids Award by the four Children's Aid Societies of Toronto. Nancy has also worked as a Student Achievement Officer at the Ontario Ministry of Education, and is currently Principal at The Mabin School, one of Canada's first Ashoka Changemaker Schools.


Nancy Steinhauer

The Honourable David Eggen is the MInister of Education and Minister of Culture and Tourism for the province of Alberta, Canada.

Mr. Eggen was educated at the University of Alberta, where he received a bachelor of education degree in 1984. He then went to Zimbabwe, where he taught for three years. Upon his return to Edmonton he taught at a number of local schools from 1990 to 2004.


The Hon. David Eggen

Professor & Author
With an expertise in the future of schooling, Pasi’s best-seller book ‘Finnish Lessons: What can the world learn from educational change in Finland’ won the 2013 Grawemeyer Award. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Practice at Harvard University.


Pasi Sahlberg

Dr. Asmaa Alfadala is the Director of Research and Content Development at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). She has twenty years of professional experience in schools as well as higher education. Dr. Alfadala was an Associate Policy Analyst at the RAND-Qatar Policy Institute. Before Qatar Foundation, she worked in the Ministry of Education as a teacher, then as a Head of the Science Department. She has served at Qatar University as an Assistant Professor of Educational Sciences at the College of Education. Dr. Alfadala holds a PhD and MPhil from Cambridge University, UK. Dr. Alfadala is the author of ‘K-12 Reform in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC): Challenges and Policy Recommendations’ and co-author of “Developing Agile leaders of learning: school leadership policy for dynamic times” published by WISE, Qatar Foundation. She is a member of the Comparative International Education Society (CIES), and the British Educational Research Association (BERA). Dr Alfadala has participated in numerous conferences in Qatar and internationally, both as a featured panelist and moderator.

Asmaa Al-Fadala

Annie Prestegård is the Department Head for Pupil Support and Restaurant and Food Education at Bryne High School in Norway with 1660 students.  Bryne High School is a new school built in 2015.

Annie Prestegård

Dr. Candace Grossjohann has been engaged in the field of education and public health for over 20 years as a direct service provider, trainer, consultant, researcher and administrator. She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Hofstra University in New York, and both her Masters and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island, USA.  Candace works as a School Psychologist and is the Director of Student Support Services and Pastoral Care for a private bilingual school, Phorms Berlin Süd primary, in Germany. 

Candace Grossjohann

Lana Binning, as a young girl, experienced abuse, drugs and alcohol and ultimately dropped out of high school. Lana’s understanding and perspective is the reality for many children today. Dr. Covey seen greatness in Lana and invited her to be a voice in the evolution of FranklinCovey. Lana is living proof that you are not destined by your past but by the choices and principles by which you live your life, each and every day. Lana Binning is of First Nations descent and has worked alongside many First Nations across Canada in various capacities within corporate development, education and community engagement. Lana, most recently, was able to develop her own role within FranklinCovey enabling her to partner with Indigenous Communities throughout Canada.

Lara Binning

Ann McIntyre is recognised for her work in effective teaching and leadership and school and system improvement. Her work is known internationally as a result of its rigor, innovation and efficacy.

Ann is the Australian national researcher for the International Teacher Policy Study with the University of Stanford and is an Honorary in Education at the University of Sydney.

As a result of her contribution to educational leadership she has been awarded; the Churchill Fellowship, the Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Award, the inaugural Sydney Leadership Award, the inaugural ACE Leadership in Professional Learning Award, NSW ACEL Fellowship, and the National ACE Fellowship.

Ann McIntyre

Kerry White is Principal of Holy Family Catholic School at Parafield Gardens in Adelaide, Australia. He applies a growth mindset to his work and embraces a sense of optimism and gratitude to the people around him. Kerry is a leader who likes learners and thinking to be visible in schools and promulgates the theory that we are all part of something far more important than ourselves. Kerry accepts the Loris Maluguzzi assertion that children are competent citizens from birth and continues to broaden his understanding of the image of the child and the 100 languages that all learners bring to the teacher/learner interaction. Kerry believes that high levels of engagement are achieved when learners have a voice in what they learn and how they learn, when they create their own authentic knowledge and when their parents or caregivers participate in the learning process.

Kerry White

Lynn Strangway is currently a Superintendent of Education in the Toronto District School Board. Lynn was the principal at Sprucecourt Public school in 2015 and before that, Lynn returned from a secondment on the Capacity Building and Research Team at the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, Ontario Ministry of Education. Over Lynn’s career as a teacher, consultant, principal and superintendent she has been a passionate advocate for student engagement, responsive pedagogy and fair and relevant assessment for children.

Lynn Strangway

Graeme Ross is currently the principal of Bellingen Public School with the NSW Department of Education. Graeme has been a principal of 4 schools, all medium sized, over 14 years, both city and rural based. Graeme has chaired the NSW Primary Principals' Association (PPA) Leadership Standing Committee over several years, resulting in some significant leadership learning for principals and aspiring leaders, and this has included the development of the NSW PPA Credential project. Graeme has a strong record of leadership professional learning delivery and was awarded the Professional Learning Leadership Award by Principals' Australia Institute in 2013. In 2015 he was awarded ‘Meritorious Service’ and the ‘Professional Award’ by the NSW PPA, for his work in leadership development of principals, within the Association.

Graeme Ross

Marcela Herrera is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta.  She has 10 years of experience as a language teacher in Chile.

Marcela Herrera

Selena Mell - Selena Mell (B.A, B.Ed., M.Ed.) is from Lachute, Quebec and has been involved in the field of bilingual Education, in a range of public and private school positions from Kindergarten to Adult Education, since 1989. She has worked as a Principal for multiple K-7 schools in Quesnel, British Columbia, and in Senior Leadership positions in Chile and Abu Dhabi. Selena worked for Vanderbilt University and the Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) as an Instructional Leadership Coach for K-12 school leaders before moving to Berlin, Germany in 2015 to begin the as a Head of Primary for Phorms Berlin Süd school.

Selena Mell

Mavis Averill, M.Ed. has worked at Boyle Street Education Centre as a teacher, Vice Principal and now Principal since its inception in 1996. BSEC is an inner city charter school designed to meet the educational needs of high risk youth. She works extensively in designing learning and support programs for high risk youth in collaboration with students, teachers and counsellors at BSEC. Mavis has self-published a book based on the research area of her Master’s thesis focused on how trauma impacts learning for students who have experienced extreme trauma (SWEET).

Mavis Averill

Bonnie Stelmach has been a secondary school teacher in rural and northern Alberta, and at an international school in Thailand. Her work as coordinator of an Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) project focusing on parents directly inspired her to pursue this as a research focus. She has been a faculty member in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of Alberta since 2014, and served on faculty in the Department of Educational Administration between 2006 and 2014. She has conducted nationally funded research on school councils and parents' roles in school improvement, focusing primarily on rural contexts.

Bonnie Stelmach

Mark McWhinnie - Assistant Superintendent, Wolf Creek Public Schools

Mark McWhinnie

Reagan Weeks - Assistant Superintendent, Prairie Rose School Division, Alberta

Reagan Weeks

Mark Davidson - Superintendent, Medicine Hat Public School Division

Mark Davidson

Kurtis Hewson is an award-winning former administrator and teacher, as well as teaching faculty at the post-secondary level. He is the co-founder of Jigsaw Learning, a co-author of the text Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model, and currently works with districts and schools across Alberta establishing and sustaining Collaborative Response Model frameworks.

Kurtis Hewson

Adam Slater is the Deputy Principal of Holy Family Catholic School in Adelaide, Australia. Adam sees all learners as competent and embraces the vision of a new paradigm in education. Adam Slater and Kerry White have been invited by schools in Adelaide to share learning about Positive change in schools.

Adam Slater

Angie White is the Principal at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy. Recently, she completed a Masters of Education degree with a focus on instructional leadership and supporting and enhancing children’s mental health. She has been proactive in creating a climate that is conducive to team-based teaching. She has learned to empower staff to allow for creativity and innovation to occur.

Angie White

Huiy Tang is the Assistant Principal at Boyle Street Education Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. His Master's degree is in leading and teaching in high poverty schools.

Alexis Mitchell was part of Team Humanities at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy before it was a “real” thing! She has been involved in high school redesign since its inception. Pushing herself out of her comfort zone and trying different things is what she aspires to do. Being a part of a small school, has helped deepen her understanding of curricula and the potential for lateral and vertical teaching. She is a firm believer in building relationships and being able to laugh at oneself... most of the time...

Alexis Mitchell

Joseph (Joe) Dumont is principal at Holy Redeemer school in Elk Island Catholic Schools.  He has been a principal, assistant principal, teacher and school counsellor in two different school districts.  He has also worked with the University of Alberta as an F.E.A., with the ERLC as a curriculum consultant, and most recently as a manager at Alberta Education in Workforce Planning and Development.  He is very passionate about learning and inspiring creativity and problem solving skills in students and staff.   Joe is a proud father of two daughters and married to the best teacher he knows!

Joe Dumont

Huiy Tang

Peter Barron - Superintendent, Clearview Public Schools

Peter Barron

Nicola Kotyk co-teaches a grade five classroom in Drayton Valley, AB.  Through this experience she has come to strongly believe that co-teaching is a key to a successful educational experience for both students and teachers. With her teaching partner she has  mastered the art of planning, teaching, assessing and reflecting in close collaboration with another teacher.  She is passionate about co-teaching and looks forward to sharing this best practice with other educators.

Nicola Kotyk

Susan Woo is a Literacy Curriculum Coordinator at Centre High Campus for Edmonton Public Schools.She is currently taking her Masters of Educational Leadership with the University of Portland.

Susan Woo

Neena Zacharia is a member of the Math and Science team at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy. She has taken on different roles during her many years of teaching, and believes that teachers can powerfully activate students' need to know through creative and diverse projects. Team based planning has enhanced her collaborative nature, innovative classroom skills and passion for teaching and learning.

Neena Zacharia

Petra Hynes co-teaches a grade five classroom in Drayton Valley, AB.  Through this experience she has come to strongly believe that co-teaching is a key to a successful educational experience for both students and teachers. With her teaching partner she has  mastered the art of planning, teaching, assessing and reflecting in close collaboration with another teacher.  She is passionate about co-teaching and looks forward to sharing this best practice with other educators.

Petra Hynes

Purnima Lindsay - Learning Services Coordinator, ELL District Lead, Central Alberta Regional Consortium Consultant - Literacy and PBL., Past school administrator.

Purnima Lindsay

Shari Jensen - Learning Services Coordinator - responsible for leading district-wide numeracy practices. Past math department lead at Hunting Hills High School.

Shari Jensen

Karen Vanderwater - Learning Services Coordinator - responsible for leading district-wide literacy practices. Past school principal.

Karen Vanderwater

Nicola Golby - Associate Superintendent, Learning Services, Past Principal/VP, Student Services Coordinator.

Nicola Golby

Anne Linville is a Curriculum and Resource Support Consultant of High School Literacy for Edmonton Public Schools.

Anne Linville

Jason Moline - Learning Services Coordinator - mainly responsible for curriculum, assessment and RTI work.

Jason Moline

Hayley Christen - First Nations, Metis and Inuit Learning Services Coordinator, past school administrator.

Hayley Christen

Kelly Gallagher-Mackay is a lawyer, researcher and education activitist. She is an assistant professor of Law and Society at Wilfred Laurier University, where she researched issues of equity in education and children's services. Before joining the faculty, she was Research Director at the non-profit group People for Education, where her research focused on broad measures of school success as a means to sparking work and discussion bout what matters most in schools. She has a PhD in Educational Policy from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and was the first Northern Director of a fully-accredited law school for Inuit students in Iqaluit, Nunavut.


Kelly Gallagher-Mackay