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Cale Birk

Cale Birk is the imagineer of the Observable Impact Model and co-author of "Navigating Leadership Drift", "15 Fixes for PLCs", "PLC 2.0 - Collaborating for Impact in Today's Schools" and "Changing Change Using Learner-Centered Design". An educator in the public school system for 25 years, Cale was a biology, science and physical education teacher as well as a coach of volleyball, basketball and golf. He is a former District Head of Innovation, and as a high school Principal, his school was named a model PLC school after increasing student success rates across all grades and subject areas for five consecutive years. The father of two daughters in the K-12 system, Cale is passionate about helping educators and leaders experience and model the learning experiences we want for our students in their classrooms.


Currently, Cale helps districts, schools and industry leaders answer the question "What is our observable impact?", the observable changes in practice that make the difference for all learners. Using the lens of ‘impact’ rather than ‘action’, Cale has helped District leaders, school leaders and teachers reimagine and implement team plans, school plans and strategic plans that matter to educators and can actually be observed where it matters the most–in classrooms with students and teachers.  In addition to his work as an author and facilitator, Cale has been the keynote/featured speaker at conferences in numerous states and provinces around North America, done a TED Talk and given addresses and workshops in Canada, the United States, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.  In one of his latest projects, Cale is developing a global collaboration/observation network for school leaders from around the world to bring international perspectives, ideas and solutions to instructional challenges in our schools.

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