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KALYN KODIAK,  Metis Plant Medicine, Knowledge Keeper, ClH

Kalyn Kodiak is a Metis Herbalist & knowledge keeper from the Metis Nation of Alberta, and owner of Kodiak Herbal Metis Culture in Calgary. As an expert on traditional plant medicine & food systems, an aapikayahk sayncheur flayshii (Metis sash weaver), and Guide with the Interpretive Guides Association, Kalyn helps communities, families and individuals build meaningful relationships with the earth. Her workshops incorporate traditional storytelling, connection to nature and cultural arts woven into the narrative of modern and traditional life & our place in the natural world. 

  As President of the Alberta Herbalists Association, Kalyn serves herbalists and students from many cultures, and seeks to protect the rights of Albertans to practice culture-based healing. She has been honoured to visit numerous schools and community groups to share her enthusiasm and love for nature. Kalyn is outspoken in her support for the environment and rights of indigenous communities, youth, neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ persons. She endeavors to share the importance of cultural practices as a basis for mental, physical and spiritual health.

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