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Dr Judi Newman

Dr. Judi Newman, PhD is the Director of The Academy of Organisational Neuroscience Australia and is an expert in applied neuroscience, a field of study that takes the latest in social cognitive neuroscience research and applies it to leadership, motivation, learning and influence.  Her mission is to boost influence through strengthening leadership capacity and learning impact, for high performance learning cultures through a neuroscience lens by sharing evidence-based practice.

There is a gap between some of what we do and what the science shows us. Judi’s work is focussed on working with school principals and corporate leaders to establish brainwise schools or companies to build high performance teams to close that gap. Her unique approach, combining what we know from psychology, education and neuroscience can give your organisation the edge and is evident in her academic research and work background across these three areas.

She has a unique combination of academic study and lived experience positioning her to connect to the important work of school principals.  This combined expertise includes a PhD in applied neuroscience, a former high school principal, a masters in learning management, has worked as a full time executive leadership coach and additionally, has a psychology background. Judi has written four books and is currently writing a leadership book. Judi’s PhD research won the Paul Andersen Research Prize for the most outstanding thesis in the university’s academic year in 2022 and the ACEL New Voice Award for Leadership Research, 2023. She was the first school principal in Queensland to become Lead Principal, winning a $10000 research scholarship from the Education Department.

Currently, Judi is writing university curriculum around neuroeducation, trains executives in brain based coaching, supervisors research students, presents keynotes at conferences and runs training workshops and webinars for The Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL), the military, Central Queensland University, Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, Institute of Organisational Neuroscience (ION), The International Association Applied Neuroscience (IAAN), Californian State University, schools across Australia and industry corporations.

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